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Chapter 41 ~~Finale~~

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Ask for Thyself Another Kingdom, Part 2

She could see her own breath, curling like smoke in the cold air of December, yet the morning sun shone warm through the red leaves of the maples. The house no longer looked the same where they had raised a family and Penelope sighed, shuffling the keys as she wandered to the porch. She stood looking at the rosebush for a while before climbing the steps and opening the door.

They had planted it by the side of the porch stair on Theo’s first anniversary, and she remembered with a smile that whenever Seagrave tried to pick a rose, he always got pricked with a thorn. Read the rest of this page »

Chapter 40

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Ask for Thyself Another Kingdom, Part 1

The poppies smelled of lavender, reminding him of farms in Long Island he visited as a child with Uncle Brian, but the clouds remained strangely static in the sky. Seagrave stared at the sun, still hovering over the horizon in the same position it was when they arrived.

—It’s not blinding me.

“I haven’t completed my creation yet.”

Her words echoed softly in his head as the wind combed his hair back.

—So this place is just a scenery. Are we inside that painting?

—Sort of. Dimensional leaping like you do it’s a no brainer, it just requires a bit of practice to spot the space-time folding, but world building… looks like creation is something way out of our league.


Seagrave turned to her resting his hands on his waist. She had stopped shivering a while ago but she was still resting on her knees, breathing in great discomfort as her skin cracked by the minute. Read the rest of this page »

Chapter 39

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A Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Seagrave couldn’t see anything, and the stiffness in both his arms and legs made him writhe in pain. He was lying over soft ground and heard footsteps over the ticking of a wall clock that beat against his eardrums.

—Who’s there?

—Just you and I. How’s your sight?

She spoke with silvery voice and her hand felt soft and cold under his chin. She lifted his head and turned it to one side, and then to the other.

—My sight? Out of order, like the rest of me. What about my hand?

Anjil chuckled and lifted his arms by the wrists, checking both his hands, and then made him seat against the wall, putting a hand over his chest as he coughed. Read the rest of this page »

One week delay

Dear friends,

Next week is going to be a busy one for me, full of appoinments. As Seagrave’s season is about to end I wish to delay its conclusion by one week, so next chapter will be posted on June 19 and the last one on June 26.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with Season 3 if you missed an episode.

Thank you!

Chapter 38

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Phantom of the Line, Part 3

The warning system in his head blipped detecting eight more incoming threats. Seagrave looked at the pile of guardian’s bodies and ignored the warning. He had lost count of how many of those he had killed, but he was sure that he was once again in an illusion set by someone.

After a while the alarm shut down and he smiled. To disable the guardians he just had to ignore them refusing to fight, but the workers of the assembly line were quite a different challenge. He pulled a worker out of the line again. The man resisted but he grabbed his shoulder, holding him away from his position and asking him questions. Read the rest of this page »

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

dragonsloyaltyaward1Some days ago, I was honored with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by my fellow blogger and friend Medieval Otaku. As we’re moving closer to Seagrave’s season finale, my duties —that is the stuff that has to be dealt with before 19:14— does not allow me to write a proper acknowledge post yet.

Meanwhile you can visit both his blog and Aquila et Infans. You won’t regret it!

Chapter 37

This episode belongs to Penelope’s storyline and it is preceded by #36 Don’t sit Under the Apple Tree.

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The Iron Maiden

Penelope reached into her purse and took the piece of paper where Miles had written Walker’s phone number, reading the area code twice in low voice. She believed that it was a number belonging to Brooklyn or Queens, since those of her friends living there also had numbers beginning with 718.

Memories of her years in New York came flooding back, triggering mixed emotions that she struggled to put away looking through the windows. The sky was reddening outside, remembering her that days were shortening and that winter was coming. Read the rest of this page »